We constantly explore new ways to communicate through printed matter.


Other Editions (OE) is an independent book design and art publishing project devoted to translating complex subjects into more comprehensible forms of visual narrative. Based in Helsinki, OE is led by architect and visual designer Lorenzo Servi.

In addition to editing and designing our own publications, we re-design existing books to reach a wider audience.

OE is interested in any kind of visual language that shows the world from fresh perspectives: from photography to science, from graffiti to conceptual art, we make no concession to trends and art for art’s sake.

Commissioned Books

We work closely with artists, researchers and institutions to represent their works as effectively as we can to as diverse an audience as possible.

We combine different graphic tools and forms of storytelling to approach every publication as a distinct communicative medium, following its own design, print run and distribution logic.

OE’s founder believes that artworks – especially in book form – should be simple and enjoyable for all to experience. For him, art is communication at its best; it is about making visible the things that others don’t see.

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